Something of Myself… and Others

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Mary’s collection of selective memoir and essays, published by Liberties Press, Dublin in December 2013.

Mary’s essay on ‘The Reluctant Carer’ was extracted by the Sunday Independent on 1 December 2013 with a front page splash – to read the article click here

Price:                  PB €14.99 | £11.99
Publish date:    9 December 2013
Category: Features; Politics; Biography/ Memoir
ISBN: 978-1-907593-82-6
Distribution Gill & Macmillan Ireland & Turnaround UK
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Extracts from reviews of “Something of Myself”.

“This isn’t an autobiography, but more a volume of belles lettres in that Continental tradition – a series of bright vignettes that go to make up a wonderful kaleidoscope of a life. Mary Kenny….is searingly honest and always fair, making this a priceless volume.”

Alexander Lucie-Smith. The Tablet.

“Honest, humorous and harrowing – Mary’s many faces… [But] one thing that never changed is her innate gift to write sharp, perceptive and clever prose. This is a clever book.” Dermot Bolger, The Irish Mail on Sunday. “The author shows all the hallmarks of really good journalism, acute observation, write comment and a sense of realism mixed with the philosophy of her early upbringing and her bohemian early journalistic career in London and Dublin. Each episode is a delight to read…they are charming, engaging and not without acerbic comment from time to time.” Mary O’Rourke, The Irish


“This is part autobiography, part homespun philosophy in which by far the most moving chapter is her account of looking after her stricken husband….though short on the boisterous wit for which she was once famous, this is an honest account of a life lived to the hilt.”

Magnus Linklater, The Spectator.

3 thoughts on “Something of Myself… and Others

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  2. I’ve just finished your book “something of myself and others”, I loved it. It made me laugh, get teary and then it made me not mind that the young reckless me had turned into ” mother of four and dutiful wife”. Thank you Mary Kenny

  3. Mary, I just read ur piece in the daily mail. Strange as just about to go to site for help for carers after daily mail online. And then ur piece showed up. We r having very hard time with mum. We r all pretty much worn out as she can just about walk to loo but have 2 do everything 4 her. U have no life of ur own. Can’t go out etc. She needs to be helped in to bed +could b 3 Times during nite + total attention durin day so all r exhausted. Stress +depression r not the words and u do start to resent people that r showing the great time they r havin on Facebook. Very hard but people don’t care. We have 2 get her washed tomo as she has Doc App in Dublin the next day 60 miles away. We and she r dreading it. Don’t know how we will get her in the car and when there they have no electric chair in waiting room. She says no to everything out of fear and nerves. People don’t understand how difficult it is. My 2 bros r here most if time,I live in Dub but sacrifice all hols + other hols to give them break. She diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis 10 yrs ago and is going to get worse. Her own clan keep well away. One hour nurse is no good as 24|7 job. Don’t have money 4 care. Think she got it from stress of having married v bad alcoholic, my Dad who died 8 yrs ago. People don’t care + leave the children 2 it. Can’t have relationships either cause if it. Cry every day as not fair. Love her but how much of a sacrifice on the carers is acceptable? She lost her medical card recently too + monthly Med very dear. She worked all her life + that’s the thanks u get. We r all v low but can’t show it as u have to b upbeat 4 her sake but know she is v depressed. She has no social circle either as drunk father isolated her well. Get v angry but u have to keep going but at what cost? Ur article made me cry as it was like a sign. I understand the situation u were in VERY well. Hope there is a light at end if tunnel 4 her children, but u just feel that life is passing u by and nobody cares. U r an inspiration 2 me that somebody finally had the guts to come out and say it. Pray 4 us. All my love. Orla

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